8 Ways To Help You Keep On Counting For God

Most people I know want to count for something.  They want their life to matter.  Don’t you?  The sad thing is that many folks don’t make a difference in the world around them because they don’t think they matter.  They don’t believe that anything they could ever do would make a difference to anyone or anything. 


Well, you do matter!  You are important to God.  He doesn’t view your importance like people might view you.  He felt you were valuable enough to die for!


With that said, how can a person get to a point in their life where they can actually make a difference to others?  If you already are living a life that points people to Jesus, how can you keep doing that – and continue living in a way that truly makes a difference in the lives of those people God has called you to serve?  Here are a few thoughts:


  1. Get over yourself.

It might sound like a contradiction – I know – “You matter – so, get over yourself.”  But it’s the truth.


You matter because you have something to give.
But you’ll never be able to make a difference in other people’s lives if you remain the center of attention.


As Rick Warren says in The Purpose Driven Life, “It’s not about you.”  The day you finally realize that the universe doesn’t revolve around you is the day you can start thinking more about others than yourself.  When you were a baby, everyone looked at you, cooed at you, laughed at you, spoke baby talk to you, fed you, and cared for you.  Yep, you were pretty much the center of the universe . . . but now it’s time to grow up.


  1. Quit looking backwards.

Yes, we can learn from the past – but we move on.  You cannot be defined only by the past.  You need to keep on keeping on.  Whether you had tremendous successes or horrible disappointments, those things are not you nor do they define you.  If you’re a Christ follower – that defines you. 




It’s so sad watching someone walk forward through life but always looking backward.  This also means you’ll need to be an expert at forgiveness.  If you can’t (or won’t) forgive I’m sorry to tell you this but, YOU will be the one tortured and tormented.  Forgive – forgive – forgive.  See Matt 18:21-35


  1. Express gratitude.

Saying “thank-you” is quickly slipping away from our cultural consciousness.  You could begin by starting each day preaching the Gospel to yourself. 


Remember that Jesus lived, He died, and He rose again – for you.  He didn’t have to . . . He WANTED to!


Because He loves you, He made a way for you to have true peace with God.  If we really . . . really understand this – we will never be the same and we will be eternally thankful to the Lord.


Psalm 50:14 says:

“Make thankfulness your sacrifice to God.”


Thank others as well:

  • say “thank you” every time someone does something for you – you can’t be too grateful
  • thank your mom for carrying you for 9 uncomfortable months
  • thank a teacher who made a difference in your life
  • thank the person who holds a door open for you
  • say thanks by leaving a decent tip when you go out to eat (remember: get over yourself – it’s not about whether you had “perfect” service – Christians should be the least demanding and most generous customers)
  • “in everything give thanks” the Bible says – get creative!


  1. Stay as healthy as you can.

You know what to do, we all pretty much know what to do now days.  There is a wealth of information available to us.  Use it.  For what it’s worth, here is my simple recipe to staying healthy:

  • pray first  – keeping the right perspective and attitude
  • eat less  – yep . . . really
  • move more  – yep . . . really


  1. Admit it when you’re wrong and say you’re sorry.

If the truth be told – most of the time we don’t plan on messing up.  We are human and we do and say things we never woke up intending to say or do.  Be a grownup and apologize – it’s definitely not going to hurt the situation – and it will most likely help!


  1. Honor your mom and dad

Seriously, things will go better for you if you do.  God promises it.  “Honor your father and mother, that it may go well with you.”  This isn’t a joke – it’s the truth.


“They don’t deserve it.” you might say . . .


It doesn’t matter if they deserve it.  God says to honor your parents – it’s not a request – it’s a command.  It is interesting to note that God does not say:

  • Honor your father and mother until you’re 18 (like a magical day arrives where it’s OK to be dishonoring to them.) 
  • God also does not say: Honor your father and mother while they’re living . . . 
  • He simply says: “Honor them.”


I don’t know how many people I’ve met who appear to be doing everything right – but nothing ever seems to go well for them.  Then I observe how they speak or act with dishonor regarding their parents. 


What if you don’t even know your parents?  Well, someone raised you!  Honor them.  You’re smart – you can figure it out.  Honor them.


  1. Live your life according to His Word.

This too is not a cliché.  It’s true.  Your life will be filled with stability, purpose, peace and joy simply by living according to the Eternal Word of God.


The Bible is profitable for every area of our lives.  His Word is our guide and compass, sort of an owner’s manual for humans.  It will teach you the ways of God.  It will show you truth.  It will give you strength and sustain you.  It will keep you from sin.  It will show you the next of life’s steps.  It is an amazing thing – The Word of God. 


But, you have to read it to glean from it!


  1. Live with passion.

I believe that it is better to be excited than bored.  It is better to believe in something and someone than to coast through life eating, breathing, taking up space with no purpose or passion.  Jesus said He came to give us an abundant life – not a “so-so, average, run-of-the-mill, no direction, hum-drum existence.”  He came to give us real life!


So, whatever you find yourself doing – the Bible says: “whatever you say or do” – do it as unto God!  Give it your all – give it your best.  Martin Luther said that a Christian shoemaker wasn’t a person who put a little religious symbol on his shoes but a person who MADE – GOOD – SHOES! 


God gave you this life,

  • thank Him for it every day
  • keep looking forward
  • be a thankful person
  • stay strong
  • say you’re sorry when you should
  • honor those who’ve walked before you
  • live according to His Word
  • and live it with gusto!


Just a few thoughts . . .  and you could certainly add to the list.  Please feel free to comment at the end of this blog with an encouraging suggestion or bit of advice for others.



Love you guys,

Steve 🙂

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