Dear Westside Family & Friends,

This week in Placerville we had a record snowfall. Some say it was the most in 20 years, others say it was the most in recorded history. Now, although lots of snow is great for all the skiers and snowboarders out there, it did present a bit of difficulty for others. Some had water pipes burst. Some had no heat and others still have no electricity. (Which begs the question: how can they receive this email?)
Anyway, it is in times of struggle that we find out what sort of stuff we are made of. Someone once said that “sports doesn’t develop character – it reveals it.” This is true. Our real self often comes out when things are not going so well. Sometimes it pops up and we try to push it back down through sheer determination, and other times we are surprised that we are capable of such icky-ness.
How did you respond to adversity this week? Did you totally blow it? Or, did you find peace in the middle of a storm? I want to encourage you today. You can do it!
·        Take every opportunity to shine!
·        It is in the darkness that our little light can glow the brightest!
·        Let’s represent Christ well.
We might be the one person that will make a difference for some desperate soul this season. Let’s remember the tremendous sacrifice that Jesus made for us:
He died for us . . . let’s live for Him !
Let your light so shine before men,
that they may see your good works,
and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
                                                Matthew 5:16
In Him,

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