Don’t Settle!

From: Special Guest Blogger: Teri Barr

Dear Westside Family and Friends,

The continuity and theme of the last two week’s messages at Westside have meshed together perfectly without plan or forethought.  It’s God who does that!!

ONE:  Steve’s message for Westside two weeks ago was that we don’t want to be like the Israelites, who were charged by God with the task of rebuilding the temple but stopped with just the foundation.  They then got busy with other things not related to finishing the temple for 18 years!

  • They laid the foundation, celebrated, then “skated by” or settled, building their own lives with no regard to God’s instruction.
  • It is often the same with us.  God rescues us from our sin – we find peace with Him and have an awesome foundation worthy of celebration!  But . . .

God never meant for us to then just go about our lives with no thought of building on that foundation.

We get busy, building our own empires and kingdoms and sometimes save a meager amount of time for our relationship with Him.

He wants more!

What God tells us to do is of the utmost importance in our lives – not just an afterthought to bury beneath our busy lives.

TWO:  At the beginning of the year God gave me a message for the Women’s Ministry Teaching night which I delivered on February 26, “Loving Our City.”

This was my message:

  • I don’t think we were ever meant to be so busy with stuff that has nothing to do with the King and His Kingdom!
  • We are pilgrims on this earth with a purpose – to love God and love others as we love ourselves (yes, we better love ourselves – God does!).
  • God wants to use us in our everyday lives.
  • He is speaking to us – are we listening?
  • He is putting people in our path for us to share the Gospel with – are we taking advantage of those opportunities?
  • Our lives are a vapor – we have a limited amount of time to do our part
    • are we standing strong on our watch?
    • are we making a difference in the lives of those He sends us?

We do this by living our lives with INTENTIONALITY – watching – listening – looking for those “God opportunities” we can love people where they are in their journey and when He prompts us, share the good news of Jesus with them.

Time is short!!

The time is now to trust, obey and take that next step as we tell others about Him!

THREE:  Last weekend’s services, Steve Sudworth, pastor of Church in the City, Chicago, Illinois and translocal gift to/ and friend of Westside spoke on the awesome gift and infilling of the Holy Spirit.

  • This comforter, teacher and guide gives us boldness and courage to point people to Jesus!
  • We are not to just be filled for our own benefit – it is for bringing Glory and honor to our King Jesus!
  • It is for going and telling the Good News of Jesus Christ!  Acts tells us the Holy Spirit comes on us like wind and fire!

Are we MOVING with the wind of a sailboat or just fluttering like a flag on a pole?

Are we moving when He prompts us?

The analogy of fire – it burns off junk, excess stuff, it purifies and brings our lives into unity with God’s purposes and unites us with other believers with one heart and purpose!

The bold preaching that Jesus Christ is Lord is the result of the outpouring of the Spirit!

Friends, don’t be satisfied with just a great foundation!  Don’t be happy to just get by and have our “fire insurance policy.”  Listen to the instruction and Word of the Lord, trust Him, obey Him and take that next step He’s asking you to take!

I love you all,


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