We get very nervous when our teens start to speak about “becoming intimate” with their sweetheart.  Those of you who are parents can certainly relate to the potentially devastating news that our children might be sexually intimate.  Becoming sexually intimate before marriage is wrong and we all know it. 

The Bible says “the two shall become one” in speaking about a man and a woman committing their lives to one another in the presence of God, their family and friends.  Marriage is a wonderful event that we joyfully celebrate together.  The culminating physical act of marriage is the union of husband and wife.

  • It is special.
  • It is sacred.
  • It is ordained by God Almighty.

It was created because He loves us and desires our highest.  No other human interaction is so powerful.

But, this is not the topic of my blog . . .

God has recently spoken a prophetic word of instruction to the folks of Westside Church.  This word has been confirmed by the elders, the leadership, and a united receptivity from among the people as a “now” word for us as a church.

The word is . . . “intimacy” . . . intimacy with God.

The dictionary says that intimacy is: “a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship.”

We can easily see how this applies to human relationships, but sometimes it is difficult for some of us to see how this applies to our relationship with God.

  • We may feel more of a “formal” connection with Him rather than a close one.
  • We might think that God is more “impersonal” and “distant” than a word like intimacy would imply.
  • We may like the feeling of independence.
  • We may like our “space.”
  • Because we may have been relationally wounded, we have difficulty becoming close to anyone, let alone God.

My friend Jesse Mason has said for years that “intimacy is the catalyst of the Holy Spirit.”  To be honest, for a long time I didn’t quite know what that actually meant.  Only now do I feel like I am beginning get what he was saying.  We have a wonderful opportunity to get close to God – close enough to hear His whispers and to feel His heartbeat.  Through that intimacy the powerful, healing, and awesome work of the Holy Spirit is released in and through us.

In this place of closeness . . . of intimacy . . .

  • we can become one with Him (in regard to His purpose and plan for our lives.)
  • we can see situations from His perspective.
  • we can be encouraged, strengthened, and comforted.
  • we can hear His voice more clearly.
  • we can respond to His corrections.
  • we can understand and convey His love for our spouse, our families, our neighbors and friends in a much more God honoring way.

The Holy Spirit has given us a huge invitation to be close to Him:

“Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.”

I encourage you to take Him at His word:

  • Come close to Him and He will come close to you.
  • Stay close to Him and He will stay close to you.
  • Get into His presence and His presence will get into you.
  • Wait on Him and He will wait with you.

You see, just as a husband and wife enter into a godly union and they “become as one” so, we too can get so close to God that we become one (united) with Him.

The Bible says that He will say to some: “depart from Me, I never knew you.”   Oh, how I want to be “known” by God.  Oh, how I desire to be one in heart with Him.  Like Paul says: “I want to know Him!”  And . . . I want to be known by Him.  I urge you . . . become more and more intimate with God!

I Love you Guys,

Steve 🙂

Suggestions for becoming more intimate with God:

  • Spend time with Him every day.
  • Spend time reading and meditating on His Word, the Bible every day.
  • Sometimes just sit there quietly and listen for his voice.
  • Listen to good worship music often.
  • Each day, make your first waking thought be something like this:  “Good morning Lord, I love you.  Please help me to be aware of Your Presence all day long.  May all my thoughts, words and actions today be honoring to You.”
  • Each day, make your last conscious thought be something like this: “Good night Lord. I love you.  Please help me to be aware of Your Presence all night long.”
  • Immediately confess to God any sin that comes to your mind.  Then, ask (and thank Him) for His forgiveness.
  • Immediately (as much as is possible) make right any wrongs you have done toward others.
  • Fellowship with other believers often and talk about God.  Share how much He means to you and what you feel He’s been speaking to you recently.

Any other suggestions?

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