Merry Christmas

Dearest Westside Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas.  May the awesome God we serve be very present in your lives this season, bringing you hope, peace, and joy.

As this year winds down to a close, we want to take this moment to thank God for His faithfulness.  Many are going through tough times, yet He is still there, bringing strength and encouragement.  Several in our body have lost loves ones this year, and in the middle of these dark moments they have encountered the true peace from God that “passes all understanding.”  Others are struggling to make ends meet, and find the provision of the Lord through an anonymous gift, a friend’s support, or the assistance of the church.

Please remember this: Our hope is in the Lord. He will not fail.  Our hope is not just wishful thinking.  It is a very real “future certainty based upon a present reality.”  The present reality is this: God is Good, God is Faithful, God is – and always been – for us!

Consider how you will thank Him this Christmas.
Make people the most important thing this holiday season.
Purpose in your heart to know God more . . . and to make Him known.
God Bless You, we consider it the highest privilege to serve the body here at Westside.

Steve & Teri

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