Proceed With Caution!

Do you want to be brutally honest with yourself?  I know it’s a difficult thing to do . . . you know, taking a sincere look at your life and evaluating how effective you are in fulfilling God’s purpose for your life.  If you’re up to the challenge, proceed with caution . . .

Here is a self assessment I wrote a while back to evaluate my own life, again proceed with caution!

Math Test

Where is the condition of my spiritual life today?


  • First, I begin with my age at conversion, then I:
  • subtract all the time I’ve spent practicing sin since then
  • subtract all the time repenting, dealing with and overcoming sin
  • subtract all the time serving my own dreams and plans
  • subtract all the time in going to church and “pretending” to serve the Lord and love people
  • subtract all the time I’ve wasted on watching TV, and internet surfing
  • subtract all the time spent on ungodly pursuits
  • subtract all the time I’ve spent feeling sorry for myself because I’ve been bypassed
  • subtract all the time I’ve been mad, upset or perturbed at my parents, spouse, boss or friends
  • subtract all the time spent in living in past failures (or successes)
  • subtract all the time I spent sleeping past daybreak
  • Secondly, I:
    • add in all the time I’ve spent in prayer
    • add in all the time I’ve spent in the word
    • add in all the time I’ve spent loving others
    • add all the time I’ve spent serving others
    • add in all the time spent genuinely serving God
    • add all the time I’ve spent developing my talents and gifts
    • add all the time I spent in proper rest, re-creation and meditation on my life and how well it’s fitting into God’s plan for me
    • add all the time spent doing what’s right, loving mercy, and humbly living my life before God and man
  • Finally, I:
    • factor in God’s redemptive and restorative nature in that He helps me make up for wasted living
    • factor in the gifts, talents, and abilities He has given me
    • factor in the sovereignty of God’s careful watch over my individual destiny


This is the current condition of – and effectiveness of – my life for the Kingdom of God . . . today!

Well . . . did you survive?  I encourage you to use this tool to go before God every so often and let Him bring adjustment to your life.  Along with good fellowship, good teaching from scripture, and authentic accountability you will make it!

I would love to hear your comments of how your test went!

I am confident of this thing: that, He who began a good work in you WILL complete it, mature it, perfect it, finish it in you . . . until THE DAY of Jesus Christ!

Phil 1:6 (SBV)

Love you guys,

Steve 🙂

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