September 2015

An Authentic Believer: Knows the Truth – Joe Kemp

Sept 27: Knows the Truth – Joe Kemp

An Authentic Believer: Does Not Love This World – Steve Barr

  Our passage from John tells us we are not to love this world’s evil systems, which are opposed to God.  Instead of giving into the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, we are to love God and bring Him Glory in this world!

An Authentic Believer: Loves His Brother – Logan Lemming


An Authentic Believer: Obeys God’s Word – Steve Barr


August 2015

An Authentic Believer: Intro – Part 2 – Steve Barr

Steve preaches the second message in our series on Authentic faith, genuine Christianity. God is light – there is no darkness in Him. Part of having authentic faith is walking in the light rather than the darkness.

An Authentic Believer: Intro – Part 1 – Steve Barr