As a church, we support Israel as God has called us to do. So as a church, we have sent support to two organizations in Israel to help relieve the suffering.  Below is a link to each if you are feeling called to send additional support as well. Here are two links you can donate to!


Jewish Assistance & Relief fund

This organization is devoted for helping Israel’s poor. Lilach has established the Israeli Food Bank and was awarded a special commendation from the president of Israel. In the last several days, the entire organization has turned its attention towards the refugees of the war. 

Galgal Hozer (the turning wheel)

This group is distributing food and essentials to the people of Sderot and surrounding area and to the amazing hundreds of volunteers from “Red David’s Shield” (red-cross equivalent) who rushed to the war zones. Shlomi will keep on providing help to those in need affected by the war.