Tell Someone You Love Them – NOW!

Tell someone today that you love them . . . that’s my blog. 

  • Mom, I love you.  I am so sorry that Uncle Allan passed away . . . He’s with Jesus and I know that you know that . . . I pray that you’ll enjoy this next season of your life spending time with your children and grandchildren who you love so much.
  • Kevin & Korinne, I love you both dearly.  I am so sorry that your dad passed away.  He was a mighty man of God who paved the way for his family to follow him in serving Christ.
  • Joan & Clare, I love you both.  You have been an example of God’s grace and strength after the passing of your husbands.  The picture in my head of you both at your respective husband’s memorial services lifting your hands and totally worshipping God is inspiring, faith-filled and one that I will never forget.  Thank you.
  • LeAnn, I love you.  I am so sorry that one of your dearest friends in this world died on the mission field.  Judy, a friend to us all, was a real life example of living a sacrificial life for Jesus.  For decades she literally “spent” herself in squalid conditions serving the people she loved. Thank you too for your consistent testimony of the joy of the Lord, you’ve made a difference in our family.
  • Pam, I love you.  What strength you have displayed while enduring the horrific effects of cancer treatment.  You are a living example of absolute dependence on God during time of tribulation.  Smiling while in pain is a prescription that would do all of us well.  Joe, thank you for always saying: “yes.”
  • Mike & Patty, I love you.  You have given and given and given and given.  And, then you’ve given more. Though the storm rages, you never complain, you never drop the ball, you never give up.  May God multiply back to you many times more in strength, joy and prosperity.
  • Brian, Heather, Rachel, Todd, I love you.  You have taken up the baton and are succeeding against the odds and the opposition.  You are serving God with the gifts He gave you. Although different in calling, you are all giving Him your best!  Stay the course.  I am so dang proud of you!
  • Teri, I love you!  You are my best friend, lover, partner, encourager, counselor, comedienne, and promoter.  You are the earthly strength I need.  Such a gift you are. You, my darling, will reap much because you’ve sown much.
  • Jesus, I love you.  By your sacrifice, you made a way for me to have peace with God.  Thank you for loving me . . . a kid with nothing going for him and . . . in reality, a big jerk  . . . and forgiving me, and giving me a purpose, and giving me a future.  I would be nothing without you!
  • All my family and friends, I love you.  So many of you have stories of perseverance, faith, and triumph.  The Westside Leadership Team, my family, my extended family, so many friends, I’m sorry that I can’t list you all here.  But I am so thankful to know you.

Finally, here’s my advice for you today:

“Go and do the same . . . seriously, do it now!”

Love you guys,

Steve  🙂

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