With Each Other

Hey Westside,

Well . . . summer is finally here! I love this time of year. I love the weather, the sunshine, the opportunities to spend time outdoors with family and friends, and of course . . . barbeques!!

Webster defines “together” many different ways, but my favorite is: “with each other.” Don’t you just love that? The word “together” occurs in the New Testament dozens of times.

· they ate together

· they met together

· they worshipped together

· they prayed together

· they suffered together

In order for the church to be healthy, there must be many times where we are: “with each other.”

This summer, we at Westside have a wonderful opportunity to be together lots. All of our Small Groups will be taking a break over July and August. We will be “re-launching” our groups in September with renewed vigor, creativity, and focus. However, during these next 12 weeks we have planned almost 50 relational activities for our church body to get “with each other.” Please make your plans to involve yourself in as many as you can for you, your family and the health of Westside. Always . . . remember to invite friends and family. We exist as a church for them. Our desire is to take the good things God has given us and share it with others.

Pick up one of our flyers at the Welcome Center the next time you attend and put it on your refrigerator so it will be handy. We love you guys . . . enjoy the summer!

In Him,


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