You’re the key!

Hey Westside!

On the front page of our website is a poll that asks the question: “Why did you first visit Westside Church?”  It is one of the most responded to polls we have ever had.  The answer may really surprise you.  Overwhelmingly, the response is that people did not come here initially because of the preaching.  (I will have to deal with that one on my own time).

· 2% of people came to Westside for the first time because of the preaching
· 5% came because they saw our sign out on the road
· 10% came because they saw one of our other ads; Facebook, newspaper etc.
· a whopping . . .

83% came because a friend invited them!

Do you know what this means?  (I’m glad you asked).  It means that you are the key.

Our message of God’s hope for people’s lives . . . comes from YOU!!

Yes, we are told to “go and tell,” and we do.  Yet, we are also given numerous examples in scripture to proclaim “come and see what the Lord has done!”  It is easy to invite someone to church with you.  Just ask them.  It has been shown in other surveys that people will, more often than not, say “yes” when you ask them to come with you to a church service.  You bring them.  You offer to pick them up and drive them to church.  You love them.  You bring them to Small Group.

Don’t we want everyone to see and hear about the great things God has done?  Don’t we want to see everyone come into wholeness and health in their lives, marriages, and purposes?  You are the key!  Try it . . . I know you can do it!

As King David said: “Come and see what God has done: He is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man.”  Psalm 66:5

In Him,


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