Jan 3rd – Feb 28th 2021
Introductory Series to Discerning God’s Will.
Mar 7th – April 4th 2021
Steve Barr’s Farewell Series for Westside Church
The Book of Jonah
Apr 11th – May 2nd
Join us as we see how God’s will works through the man Jonah and his commission to prophecy against Nineveh. Witness how God’s redemptive desire for all peoples and His consistent character shape the lives of those in this story.
The Book of Ruth
May 9th – May 30th
Come take a journey with us as we explore God’s will in the lives of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz. See how God’s faithful love, and redemptive plan are revealed through the scriptures.
The Book of 1st Samuel
June 2nd – December 24th
Walk with us as we follow the lives of some of the most remarkable characters in scripture. Witness the rise of the kings of Israel and see how God’s patience, justice, and mercy works in the lives of His people.