Am I an Authentic Christian or a Great Big Fake?

Have you ever tried to sit on a three-legged stool with only two legs? How about starting a fire without one of the three necessary ingredients for success – fuel, oxygen, and a heat source? Doesn’t work – does it? Well, I think a lot of folks might be in deep peril by “assuming” that they are a Christian when they are missing key components of being a true Believer.

What does a genuine or authentic Christian look like?

How does one really know if they are going to heaven?

The answer ultimately . . . is only known to God and the person themselves. You see, a lot of people are only fooling others (or themselves) into thinking that they are truly children of God.

“I go to church . . . sometimes”

“I believe in Jesus”

“I pray”

You know the drill:

  • Just because you sleep in a garage, that doesn’t make you a car. Neither does sitting in a church week after week make you a Christian.
  • Believing in Jesus doesn’t save you – even the devil believes . . .
  • Reciting useless prayers doesn’t impress God either.

Three Tests:

John, the apostle in his first letter to the church gives us three good tests to determine if our faith is in fact Genuine or Authentic.

ONE: a person who is an authentic believer must BELIEVE that Jesus is the Christ: the Messiah, the Holy One, Almighty God. (1 John 2:3-6; 2:28–3:10; 5:2-3)

To “believe” means:

  • to put your complete trust and confidence in
  • to be convinced of the truth of The Gospel
  • to believe in Jesus as “the Christ”
    • trust him as God’s Messiah
    • know He is God’s Anointed One
    • and have faith in him
  • Jesus of Nazareth was God’s one and only Son
  • and that he was anointed by God’s Spirit to
    • preach the gospel
    • heal the sick
    • raise the dead
    • die on the cross for sin
    • and rise from the dead to become our Savior

Please note: This is a “continuing” belief, not just a one-time emotional experience where someone got goose-bumps. This believing continues through all of life’s ups and downs

TWO: a person who truly loves God loves others as well. (1 John 2:7-11; 3:11-18; 4:7-12; 5:1-3)

This especially includes other believers! Jesus said that the world will know if we are really His disciples when we have love (God’s agape: unconditional love) toward each other. It is impossible to really love God but hate His Bride, the church.

THREE: a person who’s faith is genuine will OBEY (1 John 2:3-6; 2:28–3:10; 5:2-3) all of God’s commands which are found in His Word. Yep, this one is tough too. Just remember: God knows what we are made of and He invented grace. It’s our heart He is after.

Jesus said that if we love Him – we will obey Him. It’s not a burden when we truly love Him and want to make Him Lord of our lives. After we repent and ask Him to forgive our sin (which He does magnificently), obedience is about the greatest demand placed on believers.

All three of these work and intertwine together. You cannot take one away and not impact the others.

Because we believe, we obey and love.

Because we love, we believe and obey.

Because we obey, we love and believe.

I encourage you to ask yourself the tough questions.

  • Do I really believe in Jesus?
  • Am I demonstrating my love for Him by loving others also?
  • Is obedience to God my lifestyle?
  • Or, am I just a great big fake?

If what I am saying is already in your heart, please take the time to thank Him for such a great salvation.

If you’re just not sure, please make sure today.

  • Ask God to help you in your belief.
  • Trust Him.
  • Rely on Him.
  • Seek Him with your whole heart.

You’ll be glad you did!

Love you Guys,

Steve 🙂

2 Responses to “Am I an Authentic Christian or a Great Big Fake?”

  1. Chuck theuring says:

    Good, hard hitting questions! This is exactly what I need. Continuing to know why i believe. thanks Steve.

  2. Dennis Petersen says:

    Great insight and advice Steve… Thanks for posting this. It is a valuable tool for us to share with others we have opportunity to counsel. Isn’t it wonderful to experience the confidence building reality of ‘abiding’ in Christ. That constant communion brings us to all the things that amplify our affirmation that we are truly His, including: conviction, peace, correction, grace, forgiveness, fortitude, wisdom, direction, and so much more. Each one is veritable sermon, right?

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