“Fatty – Fatty Two By Four . . .”

I have struggled with my weight since I was a little kid.  I remember the first time someone called me fat was when I was five years old and living in my first foster home.  I want to be a bit vulnerable in this blog and share what I will be doing about this life-long battle for the next season.  So, here goes . . .

About ten years ago Teri and I came up with a small group plan at Westside Church for losing weight called “More of Him – Less of Me.”  We both lost some weight as did several friends who attended the group with us.

Here’s the thing: I KNEW that this group, and the principles God gave us was for ME

Sure, lots of people might need to lose a few pounds – but, I knew that God was telling me to get the weight off.  The insight God gave us was undisputedly sound and wise.  I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that I was to take these principles and DO THEM!  But I didn’t . . .

Now, when you hear from God as plain as that and don’t do it . . . well, it’s sin.  Ouch . .

I don’t have any illusions of having a perfect body . . . that’s not what my desire is.  I truly don’t want to dishonor God’s creation by not taking care of the “temple” He’s placed me in.  I know I have short legs, thick bones, a strong back, and not much hair on top.  I just want to be as healthy as I can be in order to be the person, and do the job that God has called me to do.  I want the focus to be on Him . . . not me.

Well (as anyone who knows me can see), I haven’t done very well in my quest.  But, I’m not giving up.  I will not quit.  It has taken me a long time to get to this point – but I feel the goal is in sight and attainable.  Over the years, God has helped me through several personal issues, delivered me from a huge spirit of rejection, taught me some great perspective and insight, and brought me to this point.  “Here I am Lord, I am what I am.”

OK . . . how about some specifics?

  • I have 2 friends who are praying with me and helping me to be accountable.
  • Since I have started with them (about a month ago) I am down ten pounds.
  • I will be operating by these principles found in “More of Him – Less of Me”

“More of Him – Less of Me”  deals with two things:  my attitude and principles to live by:

“More of Him – Less of Me” is not a program, not a diet, not a fad, not anything extreme.  It is a sensible approach to a God honoring and healthy lifestyle combined with prayer and personal accountability.  I will follow a principled approach and a reasonable strategy.


  • Acknowledge my sin and repent.
    • Have I not done what God has spoken to me in the past about weight, fitness, etc.?  If so, this is sin.
  • Believe that God wants me to be healthy.
    • Believe that He will give me the strength and grace to make the necessary changes in my life.
  • Consistency is the key.
    • I will maintain accountability, daily bringing it before the Lord, being honest and accurate about my actions regarding eating and exercise.


  • There are no rules; I Corinthians 6:12 says, “everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.”  (NIV)  I must decide before God what is His course for me.
  • There are strategies that God gives me.  For example, I know when it’s wrong for me to eat such and such… because I believe God has already told me not to.  He may have also given me an idea about exercise that is sensible and reasonable.  That is a strategy.
  • I acknowledge my need for God’s help.  One way He helps me in “More of Him – Less of Me” is to meet regularly with others for ongoing prayer and accountability.  I will be honest and accurate before God and others in sharing my success and/or failures as I work toward my goal.
  • I will set reasonable goals for myself and stay away from fads and empty promises.  I will maintain my regiment as a lifestyle – something that must last and not be just for a season.

John 3:30 “He must become greater, I must become less.”

Well, that’s it  . . . and now it’s out there.  I hope I don’t screw it up.  If you remember, would you pray for me?  Would you pray for others struggling with the same (or another) problem?  Thanks.

I will be sharing more in the coming weeks about “More of Him – Less of Me” starting up at Westside again.  Maybe it’s time for you too!

Love you all . . .

Steve 🙂

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