Happy New Year

Happy New Year Westside !!

Well, another year has come to a close. What an eventful year it has been! I trust that you are all looking forward to what God has for us in the new year.

I would like to say that I believe 2010 will be like no other year we have ever seen. Now, I know that every year is like no other one we have ever seen but this is different. God is up to something. I believe that many of you will have opportunities for mighty breakthroughs this coming year. I believe that Westside will see many changes; growth changes, leadership changes, our faith will enlarge, our love for each other will grow, and our love for God will increase. I am looking forward with wide-eyed anticipation!!

With this in mind, I would like to encourage you to remain faithful. Don’t stop your daily Bible reading just because we finished reading the New Testament together. Find a good Bible reading plan that fits in with your schedule. There are many to choose from on the internet, just Google “Bible Reading Plans” or ask at your local Bible Bookstore.
(Good link: http://bit.ly/7gzL4R)

Keep praying! Our 40 day fast finishes tonight at midnight. Keep your regular time with God, keep praying with friends, and remember that we pray together on Wednesdays at our Bee Street property at 6:30 am & pm.

Our theme for 2010 will be “Good Stewards.” We want to be faithful with what God has entrusted to us, body, soul, and spirit.  “To whom much is given – much will be required.” Please come on Sunday at 8:30am or 10:30am to hear what God has in store for this coming year. I also have a message for the C4 service at 7pm that will “rock you”… pass the word.

Happy New Year to all of you… our family and friends.

In Him,


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