I Have Two Fathers

I have two fathers and I’m thankful for both of them.


I didn’t know my natural father when I was a kid – he struggled with things I will never understand.  His name was Hank.  


I was five years old when my mother died and I lived with several families over the next few years.  Then I got a new dad when I moved in with my new (and permanent) family in July of 1961 right before I turned eight years old.  He was the dad who raised me.  His name was Stan. 


Stan was a pastor who taught me how to work hard, love people, appreciate beauty, and love Jesus.  I was so grateful that before he died in 2002, he told me he was proud of me.  Thanks, Dad.


Hank was the kind of guy a person couldn’t fully understand unless they had walked in his shoes.  He had a tough life.  But, here’s what I’m grateful for:  one day he received Jesus as his Lord and Savior.  On that day he began to pray for me.  He prayed that my two sisters and I would somehow – someway also come to know Jesus as our Savior.  Several years later we met and became friends.  Thanks, Dad.


Fast forward 25 years . . . 


We are at the hospital and Hank was dying.  My stepmom retells the story of how my father came to Christ.  When I asked her when that was – she told me it was in July of 1961.


Did you catch that? 


Twenty-five years later I found out that exactly the same time my natural father became born again and began praying for me – and his prayer for me was answered . . . thousands of miles away !!


If my dad hadn’t been dying, and we hadn’t been sitting around the hospital for days and days telling our stories, I might never have had that revelation that God is in control and He answers prayer. 


When was the last time you sat down and reflected on the goodness of God?


When was the last time you slowed down enough to notice the miracles God is doing each and every day?


In a recent five year – around the world study1 – of thousands of Christians, here is the most often agreed to statement: I rush from task to task.”  

  • More than “I read my Bible every day.”
  • More than “I pray every day.”
  • It is I rush from task to task.”


Is this true for you? 


How about if we learn from Jesus and how He went about His day to day business.  Notice, I didn’t say “busyness.”   Jesus never ran.  Jesus never hurried either.  He simply went around doing good and obeyed the Father’s voice.  He kept to the task at hand . . .


Luke 2:49

“. . . Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?”


Well, I’m digressing . . . I will pick up on this idea in my next blog.  Thanks for listening. 


And, thanks Dads . . .


Love you guys,

Steve 🙂


1Freedom from Busyness: A Biblical Remedy for Overloaded People by Michael Zigarelli

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