May 2016

Missed – Part 1: Romans 8:28 Logan Lemming

Logan Lemming begins the series “Missed’ with the scripture Romans 8:28. Logan illuminates the common misunderstandings and missuses of this scripture while giving good biblical context and guidance on how to accurately interpret scriptures such as these.

Strong Healthy Families – Part 7: Logan Lemming

May 8, 2016 Strong Healthy Families – Part 7:  Logan Lemming”. Genre: Other.

September 2015

An Authentic Believer: Loves His Brother – Logan Lemming


July 2015

Do Not Be Anxious – Logan

“Do Not Be Anxious – Logan”. Genre: Other.

November 2014

Take Courage – Logon Lemming

“Take Courage – Logon Lemming”. Genre: Other.

September 2014

Acts 29 – Logan Lemming

“Acts 29 – Logan Lemming”. Genre: Other.

April 2014

Today IS The Day – Steve Barr

“Today IS The Day – Steve Barr”. Genre: Other.

Giving Glory to God – Steve Barr

“Giving Glory to God – Steve Barr”. Genre: Other.

Imprisoned – Logan Lemming

“Imprisoned – Logan Lemming”. Genre: Other.

February 2014

The Real Deal – Logan Lemming

“The Real Deal – Logan Lemming”. Genre: Other.