Thanks To Whom?

Sometimes it seems like everything goes by so fast . . . especially time.  I can certainly relate to that.  Remember what Charlie Brown and his sister Sally said about Thanksgiving:

Charlie Brown:

“Now we’ve got ANOTHER holiday to worry about. It seems Thanksgiving Day is upon us.”

Sally Brown:

“What?  I haven’t even finished eating all of my Halloween candy!”

I have an idea . . .

How about taking some time this Thanksgiving

to actually give thanks to God?

All too often we ask God for things and when He answers, we forget to thank Him.  Remember when Jesus healed the ten lepers?  Only one of them came back to thank Him. 

 “One of them, when he realized that he was healed, turned around and came back, shouting his gratitude, glorifying God. 16  He kneeled at Jesus’ feet, so grateful. He couldn’t thank him enough . . .” Luke 17:15-16 (MSG)

Wow!  Could you imagine being healed from an incurable and deadly disease and not even pause a moment to give thanks?

We are called to be a thankful people.  Thankful to God.  He is the One who provides for us, heals us, guides us and most importantly, saves us!  Thankfulness is a big deal.

Of course, we as believers are always thankful to God for who He is and what He’s done for us.  But, aren’t you glad we are so blessed to live in a nation that sets a day aside each year to give thanks to Almighty God?  I am . . . and I don’t take it lightly. 

Let’s follow the scriptural mandate of proclaiming His deeds among the nations.  Let’s shout out from the rooftops how great our God is!  Let’s use whatever means you can to give Him the glory He deserves . . . emails, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, letters, notecards, phone calls . . . whatever it takes to proclaim His greatness!

Here are a few praises from some of my friends just recently.  Please join in with them by giving the Glory to God:

  • from Kathy: “Three doctors thought I severed the nerve to my ring finger. God answered prayer because when the doctor did surgery, he discovered the nerve was connected!”
  • from Dave: “I thank the Lord for being able to be a part of the Kingdom being expanded across Ensenada with Cristo Vive’s new church building. Praying for them as they move in the last weekend in December.”
  • from Joe:  “I thank God that I was hired on as a teacher at Mountain Creek Middle School.”
  • from Jenna:  “I am thankful that the lost continue to be saved…Including my friends…”
  • from another Joe:  “I praise Jesus because I KNOW he will never give up on me and his love and mercy is ALWAYS extended toward me.  I praise Jesus for this wonderfully created world.  I praise Jesus for answering my prayers!  My most recent praise report was to find my drivers license in Mexico.  God led me to it on the road BACK to the states.
  • from Matt:  “I am thankful that I am made righteous in God’s eyes.  That I am a new creation.  The past is behind me and I am in right standing with my God.    I am thankful for God blessing me with a wonderful God fearing wife and a sweet little girl who loves me dearly and for new life and my church family :)”
  • from Chuck:  “So thankful that God orchestrated the selling of our house and helping us prioritize our time.”
  • from Amy:  “I’m thankful for God’s Word, his precious promises, and that it does not return to Him void!  I’m thankful for the reality of how real JESUS truly is. Thankful to Him for the active tangible love of Jesus!  I’m thankful for my family and for you and your wife!!!!”
  • from Randy:  “Thankful to God for connections within the body of Christ. Rather than depend on 24/7 care for my Mom thru government services, I have 2 amazing, godly Westside ladies caring for my Mom; gives me total peace!!”
  • from Kelli:  “We FINALLY sold our house! We are so thankful to God for our soon to be new home. We are so thankful for all the offers to help us move from our church body.”
  • from Alicia:  Thanking God that although my sister was in kidney failure, she had surgery on Sunday and went home Monday night healed!”
  • from Laura:  “Thanking God for my husband and his servant’s heart and actions helping my mother, and numerous friends and family during this past year.”
  • from Donna:  “3 weeks ago my sister was sitting in a fast food restaurant with no job, no money and no place to live in Georgia.  With the Lord, prayers, the support of family, and a small church in her hometown, she started a job Monday, found a room and is moving into it the day before Thanksgiving.  Praise God!
  • from Kris:  “I praise Him for my job – often! I enjoy my work duties, love my coworkers, and feel my work supports the community. AND, I am thankful that God blessed me with the perfect husband – for me. Plus I have these amazing children that bring incredible joy. And finally, I am grateful that the Lord planted us at Westside Church. There’s no other church family I’d rather be with :)”
  • from Teresa:  “I’m Thankful to God for His Faithfulness.  I have been praying for My brother and his son for over 18 years that they would have a restored relationship as father and son. Also, for my brother’s salvation.  My brother has renewed not only his relationship with Jesus but with his son as well. What took years to pull apart Jesus restored in hours!”
  • from Rachel:  “I’m so thankful that the Lord never fails and never gives up on us no matter how stressful our lives are right now. I’m just so thankful that the Lord is going to see us though this hard time.”
  • from Frank:  “I’m thankful for Jesus’ precious love and God’s amazing MERCY!”
  • from Doug:  “I am thankful that God removed me from a bad work situation and has faithfully provided for my family.  I am also thankful that God has the perfect job set aside for me and will continue to provide for all my families needs.”
  • from Teena:  “I am thankful for God’s grace.”
  • from Martha:  “We are thankful for a new daughter! Tad’s new bride, Lael.”
  • from Craig:  “My wife and I are thankful for His continued protection at  work and for the kids at home while we are away.”
  • from Teri:  “I praise God for the salvations this year of people I’ve been praying for!  They said yes to Jesus!!”
  • from Mark:  “Our home group prayed for one of our families who were searching for a good college for their daughter. They visited several and found a small Christian college that they all liked and were impressed with. And the swimming coach was very encouraging and wants their daughter to be on the swim team! Thank you, Lord, and open the door for her to be accepted when she applies there.
  • from Mike:  “Thankful for the family (natural and extended) God has given me!”

Awesome!  Isn’t God good? 

Have a terrific Thanksgiving everyone and remember the One that we are giving thanks to!

1 Chronicles 16:24

Publish his glorious deeds among the nations.  Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.

Love you all . . . and so thankful to God for you!

Steve 🙂

My new favorite song:
Thank You Jesus:
Comment to add to the list of Praises 🙂


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