Time to Fast

Hey Westside Family,

Beginning this Sunday and for 40 days, the elders are calling the whole church to a fast.  You may have never fasted for even one single meal before and are wondering how could I possibly fast for 40 days!  Well, we will be fasting as a team.  We will take 12 hour shifts.  We may choose from six am to six pm or from six pm to six am and then pick one of the seven days in a week.  If we do this it will take 14 shifts per week until December 31st.  We are asking that each person choose one shift per week until the end of the year to fast and pray for a number of important things:

1.  Several people in our church have serious illnesses that desperately need the Lord’s touch.  Among them is Bette Sawyer, a godly woman in our church that has been given negative reports about returning cancer.  We believe that God wants to heal her and we see her being 100% restored !!
2.  Westside Church has been trying to sell our Bee Street property for some time now.  It is still of high concern for me (and the elders.)  We need the right buyer to come along now.
3.  We are heading into the holiday season and will all come into contact with those who do not know Jesus.  We are praying for many to receive Christ as their Savior this Christmas time.  Westside will have several opportunities for sharing Him: the Women’s Christmas Tea, our Christmas Eve Candlelight Services etc..
4.  All of us have at least one personal issue that is a big mountain for us: health, finances, relationships, etc.  We are praying for these requests to be answered.

Please join with the family here at Westside as we pray and fast together for these next 40 days.  God is good!!

God Bless,

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