January 2017

Romans – Part 21 – Paul Coggiola

Pual talks about the struggles of sin.

July 2016

Missed – Part 7: Train Em Up! – Paul Coggiola

Love God enough to obey Him in training our children that He gifted to us. Love these children enough to train them in God’s ways!  Be an example to them in how to repent before God, how to obey God and how to follow Him wholeheartedly!  It is vital to lead them to a relationship […]

May 2016

Missed – Part 3: God will not give you more than you can handle – Paul Coggiolla

Continuing in the “Missed” series, Paul delves into 1 Corinthians 10:13b. Paul explains how this verse is often taken out of context and can be more harmful than helpful for individuals facing hard trials.

February 2016

The Go For All of the Saints!!

“2.14.16 The Go For All of the Saints!! – Pual Coggiola 

January 2016

Mens Breakfast – Frank Hildebrand

Frank shares about how God opens doors in our lives, sometimes in the most unexpected ways.

September 2015

Mens Breakfast – Paul Coggiola

Paul shares the testimony of the miracles in the adoption process for his boys and how it encouraged him to see people through God’s eyes.

July 2015

Store Up Treasures In Heaven – Paul Coggiola

“Store Up Treasures In Heaven – Paul”. Genre: Other.

March 2014

The Big Picture – Paul Coggiola

“The Big Picture – Paul Coggiola”. Genre: Other.

February 2014

The Obedient Servant The Spread The Hallelujah – Paul Coggiola

“The Obedient Servant The Spread The Hallelujah – Paul Coggiola”. Genre: Other.

November 2013

Then Know This – Paul Coggiola