October 2016

Becoming a Disciple of Jesus – Russ Doty

When a student is fully trained he will be like his teacher in every way, in character, in countenance, and in ministry.

August 2016

Never Ever Give Up – Brian Barr

  Brian Barr, pastor of OneLife Church in the Houston area of Texas is a friend of Westside who comes in regularly to build this work with us!  Brian preaches out of Nehemiah 4 today… A great message encouraging us to Never, Never Give Up!

December 2015

Dec 05, 2015 Christmas Tea

Women’s Christmas Tea: Welcome home, there is a place for you.

Fight – Caleb Booth

Caleb Booth from Turning Point church ministers this weekend with a specific word of encouragement for what’s ahead for Westside! We need to fight to live radically and passionately for Jesus, fight to keep Jesus the focus, fight for unity and fight to stay part of what God is doing.

November 2015

An Authentic Believer: Has Confident Faith – Steve Barr

We can have confidence coming into His presence when we don’t feel guilt and condemnation. Taking care of our sin – admitting it and quitting it – brings confident faith in our relationship with God! Stay connected and attached to Him and remain in fellowship.

June 2015

Brian Barr

“Brian Barr”. Genre: Other.

Truth and Grace – Brian Barr

“Truth and Grace – Brian Barr”. Genre: Other.

April 2015

Servant Leadership – Jody Romero

“Servant Leadership – Jody Romero”. Genre: Other.

December 2013

Worthy to Suffer – Teri Barr