February 2017

Romans – Part 24 – Tyler Faria

Tyler delivers a powerful message out of Romans 8: 31 – 39 on God’s love for us and how we can depend on him to be faithful.

November 2016

Romans – Part 11 – Tyler Faria

Tyler wraps up the last few weeks of Paul’s teaching on Sin with a wonderful message of God’s grace. In his message to the Romans, in Chapter 3, Paul reminds us that grace comes through knowing Jesus, and not from our own effort.

Romans – Part 10 – Steve Barr

Our passage in Romans deals with the sin condition and judgment of God that ALL of us are under.  There are no efforts, no religion, no amount of trying to keep the law that will save us.  It is only by God’s grace demonstrated through Jesus’ death on the cross in our place and putting […]

October 2016

Romans – Part 9 – Tyler Faria

Tyler Faria preaches on Romans 3:1-8.

September 2016

Romans – Part 3 – Tyler Faria

The Gospel is the good news that Christ has died for our sins! Focusing on Romans 1:16-17, Tyler encourages the body not to be ashamed at this wonderful news that we are asked to share with a world in desperate need for it.

February 2016

Living a Life Ready to Go

Whether we’re preparing to go out or “going” to where we are now, we need to have the right heart attitude. Tyler encourages us not to settle and say yes to the Lord’s calling.

October 2015

An Authentic Believer: Is A Child of God – Tyler Faria

“10.11.15 – Is A Child of God – Tyler Faria – Final”. Genre: Other.

November 2014

Let The Children Come To Me Tyler Faria

“Let The Children Come To Me Tyler Faria”. Genre: Other.

July 2014

Receive His Power – Marc Adams

“Receive His Power – Marc Adams”. Genre: Other.

Making Disciples – Tyler Faria

“Making Disciples – Tyler Faria”. Genre: Other.